7 Rules for Social Networking Marketing Effectiveness

Social networking is rapidly becoming the most preferred Web 2.0 marketing tool. If you are engaged in selling your products or services online, there is plenty you can do with social networking sites to promote your business. However, the possibilities are accompanied by inevitable pitfalls. Here are a few things to keep in mind in order to raise your effectiveness when using social networking sites. Rule #1 - One site or many: While many organizations prefer to maintain their presence on several social networking sites, it can take up considerable amount of time as well as staff resources. Determine the amount of time you can spend updating your profile on each site. It's far more effective to spend extra time and energy maintaining a high profile on one, well-chosen site rather than spend precious hours juggling different operating platforms on too many different sites. If you do choose to maintain a presence on multiple sites, make sure you assign a full-time staff to regulate your various profiles. This could include posting comments on other member's pages, inviting other people to become friends, or accepting other friend's requests. In the absence of regular care, your web page is sure to languish.

25 thoughts on “7 Rules for Social Networking Marketing Effectiveness

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  2. ssnjones

    Social Media is the biggest shift in communication since the Industrial Revoulution.
    It makes the world a much smaller place. 96% of people now use social networks such as Facebook, and Twitter.

  3. mrswartz

    regarding rule number two, thanks to open id connect, if you have a site that attracts visitors but can’t seem to pull them off Facebook for example, you possible can If you have open id


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