It's Time To Get Serious!

Everything You Need To Succeed In ONE Spot!


How would you to Start, Grow, Expand, and Explode Your Business, generating THOUSANDS of dollars in revenue for you - every single month and giving you the lifestyle you desire?  Sounds pretty dang good doesn't it?


Unfortunately, entrepreneurship and running your own business isn't always as easy as it may seem.  In fact, most entrepreneurs fail when they go at it themselves.  Most entrepreneurs fail because they don't invest in their one most valuable resource - THEMSELVES.


So ask yourself these questions: Are you ready to get serious about your business?  Are you ready to grow your company and start making the money you deserve?  Are you ready to make an impact in your life and the lives of others?  Then you've come to the right place at the right time!


Introducing The Entrepreneur Success Network Membership Program!


The Entrepreneur Success Network Annual Membership is priced at low $197 per year. But your cost – if you accept now – is just $120 for a full year!  Save almost half off by taking action today!   (Limited Time Offer ONLY).   When you join, you'll get:

    •  Access to all our monthly meetings where you'll get great networking, interactive, educational meeting sessions which get you involved and help you understand powerful business concepts.


    • Access to the subscriber-only Web site where you can download powerful business and development reports and trainings that you can view anytime, anywhere at your own convenience.


    • GOLD MEMBERSHIP ONLY - Online recordings of our monthly meetings which you can view online anytime 24-7 to review the information you got at the live meetings or to see what you may have missed if you were not able to make the meeting. (This alone is worth the cost of the membership)


    • Members-only discounts to workshops, advertising, and additional trainings to further your education and give you the support you need to explode your business.


    • Members-only resources possibly worth thousands of dollars by themselves saving you huge amounts of time and energy.


  • GOLD MEMBERSHIP ONLY - Success CD Series (Currently In Production) filled with powerful interviews of real life entrepreneurs, their success strategies and tips.

You'll get all that and MORE when you join today!
And we've got more member bonuses in the works! 

Act Now And Secure Your Spot As A Charter Member Of The Chicago Entrepreneur Meetup Group Members Program!


Make a commitment today for you and your business.  Surround yourself with like minded individuals who "get" you and will support you.  Network with other entrepreneurs and business owners.  Trade ideas and resources.  Now is the time to take action and commit to success; commit to your business; commit to your life.  We're serious about your success and you should be too.


Just listen to what others have said about the group:


“It was my first meeting with this group. I loved it! Chaffee Led the great discussion on mission and vision. I can sense a lot of desires there to give first to each other, help each other grow as a person and as an entrepreneur, and add true values to each other. If we continue down this path and commit to our mission and vision, this will sure become the BEST platform for entrepreneurs in Chicagoland! I will definitely come back!”  -- Allen Zhou








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