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Does anyone remember Wordperfect? That used to be the ispo facto before Microsoft Word took over the world. Well there's a new player in town and I'm currently using it to write this ebook. It's called OpenOffice Writer. And along with Writer comes OpenOffice Calc (equivalent to Excel), OpenOffice Draw (equivalent to Publisher), OpenOffice Impress (equivalent to PowerPoint), and OpenOffice Base (equivalent to Access).

Hey, they've even got something called OpenOffice Math so you can work with Formulas and stuff. And you know what, all these programs are compatible with Microsoft Office documents. So you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars for Microsoft Office anymore – because it's all free with OpenOffice.

Want it? Simply go to and click on the download section and install it. It's that simple.

Avira AntiVir Personal

In today's day and age, having a good Anti-virus software is a MUST have! You might have heard of the top two paid software programs out there Symantec Antivirus and McCaffee Antivirus. Both are highly rated and as I said, paid programs – not only will it cost you to purchase the software, they'll charge you a yearly fee to update your definitions!

Why pay for something when you can have it for free? When it came down to it, there were two of them which came up on the radar. Avira AntiVir Personal and AVG Personal. I choose Avira because it's mal-ware detection is ranked higher – i.e. better than AVG Personal. CNET's says, “Avira AntiVir should remain on top of every free antivirus users' list." PC World ranked Avira number one in it's test on August 24, 2009 (

PC World did say that the interface may be difficult for novices to use only I didn't seem to have a challenge with it. Then again, I'm not a novice, so it's difficult for me to judge.

Regardless, get it. Just go to and download it.

Foxit Reader

I know, I know. Adobe Acrobat Reader is the industry standard and everyone uses it. The only challenge is that it is so bloated it takes forever to load. Welcome Foxit Reader. If you don't have this then you need to get it. It makes your .pdf documents load in seconds instead of minutes. If you need to edit PDF documents, Foxit PDF editor is still cheaper than Adobe and works just as well.

Get it now at

CutePDF Writer

Hey, what do you think I used to make this ebook? Need to create PDF documents out of Word documents (or Writer documents)? Even images, text files, spreadsheets, anything you can print? Then this is the program you need. Simply install this program and then choose CutePDF Writer as your printer and this handy little application will convert (Print) your document into a PDF file which you can send to anyone and everyone. You don't need Adobe to create PDF files. Just use this neat little program.

Download it at

The defacto standard for photo editing is once again an Adobe product – namingly, Adobe Photoshop. Photoshop is not free though! GIMP is. GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program. GIMP has been around since 1996 and has been known as the best free standard for image manipulation... that is until came around.

Something to note is that only works with Windows while GIMP works with LINUX and Mac OS X as well. Since this ebook is for a Windows Operating system, takes the cake. While both programs are good, has an easier interface to work with and is easier to understand.

If you want to download and play around with GIMP, then download it at If you just want to jump right into and Start editing your images and download it at


OMG. I love this program. Where else can you get FREE video-to-video conference calling with over 521 Million users? Almost all the new laptops come with webcams today and they're great for video conferencing.

Almost every week I'll do a video conference with some member of my family from across the country for FREE (just pay for internet access of course). My dad loves this program because he gets to see all the grand-kids without having to fly everywhere all the time. Saves a lot of moola on the travel budget.

In addition, it's an invaluable tool for networking! I've used Skype to work on projects with people from South Africa, Germany, France, and China. It's the bomb! Download it now and start using it!

Simply go to and start skyping!

And Ok. As of this writing, there's a new software in town which I'm testing out called Oovoo. Yeah, you can get it at So why am I testing this out and mentioning it here? Cause unlike Skype, you can have video-to-video-to-video-to-video-to... well you get the point. You can have unlimited video conference instead of just one-to-one video conferencing. This means if you have family scattered across the US like I do, you can have a conference with your parents in one state, your sister in another and your aunt in another all at the same time! Check it out!


I LOVE THIS PROGRAM TOO! If you surf the web half as much as I do, then you need this program. It stores passwords and allows you to create identities to fill in webforms. As you visit more pages across the Web, they continually ask for user IDs, passwords, e-mail addresses and other information. Keeping track of all this can become a problem and some people end up using the same password and user IDs for all sites. The trouble is that this can create a security problem. If someone finds out this combination, then they can get access to all your accounts. The free version allows you to create two identities. While this document is about free programs, I highly recommend you splurge and buy the full version! It's the bomb!

Get it at Download and install the program and you can use the full version free for 30 days. After 30 days, it becomes the lite version and locks you out of some functionality. If you don't surf that much, the lite version is all you need. For people like me, go for the full version!

NVU - Finally! A complete Web Authoring System for Linux Desktop, Microsoft Windows and Macintosh users to rival programs like FrontPage and Dreamweaver. Nvu (pronounced N-view, for a "new view") makes managing a web site a snap. Now anyone can create web pages and manage a website with no technical expertise or knowledge of HTML. Enter Nvu Site

NVU 1.0, released in June 2005, is the last official release that you will find at most download sites, however, it isn't the newest or best version of the Nvu software. An unofficial bugfix/update called "KompoZer" is available here. KompoZer is not a cure-all for all the bugs in NVU 1.0, but it does fix some of the major annoyances. If you use NVU 1.0 and it works for you, stick with it. But if you run into problems, give KompoZer a try and see if it helps.

Essential PIM Free Portable

As a business owner, it's important that you stay on top of things and that you plan out your business. As they say, people don't plan to fail, they fail to plan. Get this tool and you can do your planning and maintain it for FREE! EssentialPIM Free is the award-winning, absolutely free personal information manager. Supported by a large community of users, EssentialPIM has been widely acknowledged as the best personal information management system on any desktop or USB flash drive. This powerful tool is not bloat ware and contains no spyware or adware. Get it here.

Gnu Cash

GnuCash ( is a personal and small-business financial-accounting software, freely licensed under the GNU GPL and available for GNU/Linux, BSD, Solaris, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows. Designed to be easy to use, yet powerful and flexible, GnuCash allows you to track bank accounts, stocks, income and expenses. As quick and intuitive to use as a checkbook register, it is based on professional accounting principles to ensure balanced books and accurate reports.


moneytrackin' ( is a free online webapp that allows you to track all your expenses and income easily and without effort, thus allowing you to have a clear view of your financial situation. It intends to be a simple yet powerful online budget management tool.


Billster ( is a totally free online application developed to organise your personal and shared expenses. billster can do the following extremely useful bits: Record and report on your personal and group expenses, Make you very popular with the opposite sex, Save reoccurring expenses, even those with direct debits or standing orders setup, Send reminders, either automatically or fired off by you, whenever you want to remind people who owe you money or to remind yourself about a payment, and Automatically email you with a summary of the expenses you've put through billster.


SurveyMonkey ( is a company that enables users to create their own Web-based surveys. An enhanced paid product and services are also available. 100% of the Fortune 100 have used SurveyMonkey. No software to install. No complicated instruction manuals. Just open a browser and go. They have survey templates you can use and allow you to form different question types. It's a great way to survey your customers.


The Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE - are retired business people who donate their time to help “newbies” in business get going. This is a GREAT Resource for entrepreneurs! As their website says, "SCORE is a non-profit association with over 13,000 volunteers and 350 chapters. Our volunteers are successful entrepreneurs and executives who give back by sharing their expert business advice with you. SCORE can help you succeed with expert business advice. We offer free and confidential business advice through Ask SCORE online, face-to-face counseling, workshops and more. There's no limit to any of SCORE's services. Long-term mentoring is a great help. And, specialty experts can help as you request answers to specific questions."


Filezilla is a wonderful FTP application that you need to know how to use.  Just go here and download it.




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