Joe Vitale at the Your Portable Empire University

Dr. Joe Vitale, star of the movie "The Secret," and author of "The Attractor Factor," and many other inspirational books, is caught on video teaching The Mindset of Success at Pat O'Bryan's UnSeminar2. More at -
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25 thoughts on “Joe Vitale at the Your Portable Empire University

  1. Batronyx

    I don’t think you can hear this kind of information often enough. So many things to distract us, or get us thinking from the wrong context . . . This was a great excerpt to share!!

  2. mastermindmentor

    Hey Joe…I think you are INCREDIBLE, in a very credible sort of way. I guess everybody needs to get their two minutes. You’re doing a great job of bringing a much needed message to the world. I’m joining you…still waiting to hear back about The Science of Getting Rich, though. 😉

    Peace and Prosperity,


    MasterMindMentor (dot) com
    EnterTheMasterMind (dot) com

  3. practicalmetaphysics

    That’s incredible. That you would let the message in this video miss you completely, because of one word.

    Just incredible.



  4. energymast69

    Dear Mr. Vitale, I purchased one of your videos. I tossed it to the side, because you managed to break my altered state with a poor choice of words. I sat here and watched you do that once again in this video! Your use of the word incredible triggers in me a response to disregard what you’re saying! No doubt of your mass appeal as a salesperson, however, to me you come off as seriously uneducated! Like fer sure babe, totally like incredible!


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