Social media marketing tips and strategies when developing your content online at SES London 2011

Byron Gordon, SEO-PR, interviews Brad Kleinman, Director of Education, Online Marketing Connect, on the need for businesses to create a content and social media marketing strategy. Brad says without content, it's not possible for a business to have a social media strategy. Places to start include by using Twitter search, RSS feeds, Google alerts, tracking your customer's blogs, developing how-to articles. Brad goes on to discuss the significance of Facebook and why businesses whose customers use application must have a presence on it as well. Businesses can develop their own pages targeted towards their specific audience. Brad concludes by talking about the significance of KPIs, or key performance indicators, which help businesses determine how effective their content and social media marketing strategies are. Brad says most companies are just looking at the amount of traffic that comes to their site from their various social media marketing efforts. But Brad says businesses must also look at the different types of conversion metrics to help determine which of their social media marketing efforts (using apps such as YouTube, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter) are bearing fruit. For more information about Online Marketing Connect, please visit: For more information on speaking opportunities at SES London, please visit

GOOGLE PLUS VS FACEBOOK PLUS Google has announced their new Social Network, Google+ ('Plus') which attempts to distance itself from Facebook with a raft of original features. in this video guide we look at how they can have an impact on SEO and the way we communicate online. Oh and when you get in... Circle Me 😉
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30 thoughts on “Social media marketing tips and strategies when developing your content online at SES London 2011

  1. BrunnoMHuffman

    Quanta bobagem em tão pouco tempo de vídeo… primeiramente que não se deveria comparar uma ferramenta ativa e sendo utilizada por mais de 20 milhões de pessoas e outra que está senda TESTADA por poucos.
    É visivelmente óbvio que a ferramente do GOOGLE + passara por muitas alterações quando ficar disponível a todos. A intenção de negócio com a rede social de ambas é completamente diferente e isso será mais evidente quando ambas tiverem ativas.

  2. chippprrr

    Of which shall be the loss of sovereign currency, nationality, & contitutions.

  3. chippprrr

    I’m aware of the “privacy controls” but that doesn’t change the fact that these networks (spoken of) are governmental spyware .

  4. ShivaTheAuspicious

    Reality…nobody cares about what you’re doing on a regular basis unless you’re a person of distinction. I find social networking sites pointless when you’re either not conducting business or are famous in some degree. Truth is, most people’s lives are terminally boring and they have nothing of consequence or value to say. I am definitely not interested in returning to social networking.

  5. KeithMcElwain

    @jellyfishslapper Both have privacy controls to limit your exposure. But my suggestion is to use social media as your platform to shout at the top of your lungs to the world. You have to understand that even if you share something you want private with a small group of friends – if it’s online it can be printed, copy and pasted, screen recorded and sent to millions. If you are posting online make sure it OK for everyone to know because once its out there – everyone can know : )


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