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Social media marketing tips and strategies when developing your content online at SES London 2011

Byron Gordon, SEO-PR, interviews Brad Kleinman, Director of Education, Online Marketing Connect, on the need for businesses to create a content and social media marketing strategy. Brad says without content, it's not possible for a business to have a social media strategy. Places to start include by using Twitter search, RSS feeds, Google alerts, tracking your customer's blogs, developing how-to articles. Brad goes on to discuss the significance of Facebook and why businesses whose customers use application must have a presence on it as well. Businesses can develop their own pages targeted towards their specific audience. Brad concludes by talking about the significance of KPIs, or key performance indicators, which help businesses determine how effective their content and social media marketing strategies are. Brad says most companies are just looking at the amount of traffic that comes to their site from their various social media marketing efforts. But Brad says businesses must also look at the different types of conversion metrics to help determine which of their social media marketing efforts (using apps such as YouTube, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter) are bearing fruit. For more information about Online Marketing Connect, please visit: www.onlinemarketingconnect.com For more information on speaking opportunities at SES London, please visit www.seslondon.com

GOOGLE PLUS VS FACEBOOK PLUS Google has announced their new Social Network, Google+ ('Plus') which attempts to distance itself from Facebook with a raft of original features. in this video guide we look at how they can have an impact on SEO and the way we communicate online. Oh and when you get in... Circle Me 😉 plus.google.com
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Social Media Most Important Sales and Marketing Tool for Hotels Today, HITT 2011 Experts Say

Social Media Most Important Sales and Marketing Tool for Hotels Today, HITT 2011 Experts Say
Hotels are increasingly turning to social media as key initiatives to build brand loyalty, attract more customers and to keep up to date with consumer discussions.
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Who is the Social Media winner for creating business opportunities
I have previously talked about LinkedIn and how it can be incorporated it into your overall marketing strategy to help support your marketing goals. Read my article 10 Powerful Ways LinkedIn Can Help You Win Business. Unless you have your head firmly buried in the sand, you will know that Social Media now plays a huge part in helping smaller companies to acquire new business.Recently on...
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World Vision revamps magazine based on social media feedback
In the world of social media, World Vision Canada found out that the cliché “if you build it they will come” doesn’t work as well as “if you listen, they will talk.”
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Social Media Strategist Ted Rubin Speaks at 2011 Lectora User Conference

Social Media Strategist Ted Rubin Speaks at 2011 Lectora User Conference
Ted Rubin Closes Conference with his Keys to Success in Social Media
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YouTube founders buy Tap11 social media analytics firm
YouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen have bought Tap 11, a social-media analytics firm. The purchase comes less than 3 weeks after the duo bought the social bookmarking service Delicious from Yahoo. Just how much Hurley and Chen bought either company for hasn't been disclosed, but both become properties of AVOS, the pair's San Mateo start-up that is building an "information discovery ...
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Social Media Event Case Study: NYS Interactive Ethics Forum
This past week, NY State Democrats held their first ever Interactive Ethics Forum. In it, they took questions from twitter users, Facebook fans, as well as questions via email in order to get the every day citizen’s concerns on the topic of Ethics Reform in NY State. While I’m not normally a political person, I [...] Check out the SEO Tools guide at Search Engine Journal . Social Media Event ...
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Charley Walters: Matt Birk expects an NFL lockout in March, then a solution just before 2011 season begins

Charley Walters: Matt Birk expects an NFL lockout in March, then a solution just before 2011 season begins
Matt Birk is one of three players union representatives for the Baltimore Ravens, and he'll attend important union meetings next month in Marco Island, Fla.
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Leadership Fellows create small business safety net
Corporations and major employers have understood the important of emergency preparedness for a long time. But what about the small business owners who don't think a disaster can happen to them? A group of 14 participants in the graduate class of Leadership Anne Arundel has a message for them - it can happen and you need a strategy if it does. In the last several months, the 2010 Fellows Class ...
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Networking to Become Cheaper in 2011: IDC

Networking to Become Cheaper in 2011: IDC
Analysts across the board agree that 2011 will be the year when LTE, WiMAX and simpler flat network architectures will define networking in the enterprise.
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The History of Social Networking
In case you hadn't heard, social networking is big. Sites like Facebook and Twitter dominate the tech news sites with every move they make getting attention. How much are they worth? Who's using them now? What changes are coming? As with everything, social networking has a history. Looking back over the decades, we can see what has led up to this "social revolution" that is taking over the ...
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