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Pick One: Deliver On Your Dreams, or Settle For Second

Yes, that’s right pick ONE, which is to “Deliver on Your Dreams”.  Ignore part two of the title displayed above, which states “Settle for Second”.  We all have dreams of various aspirations that we want to achieve in life.  The question is why should it remain just a dream.  It appears that most people settle for second, also known as a mediocre life.  Others dive into a life of passion as they pursue their dreams.  They create a life that is congruent with who they are.  For example, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. had a dream that all races of people will be united in the way they live in this world.  During the time of this dream, it was almost impossible to imagine blacks and whites interacting together in a constructive manner.  Racial segregation and hate crimes were at an all time high.  While pursuing his dream, he encountered good times and challenging times.  Regardless whether he had a day of great success or a day of difficult challenge, he persisted with delivering upon his dream each day.  Similarly, you may have a passionate dream that may seem impossible.  The key is to deliver upon it each and every day.  Whether you pursue your dream or not, you are guaranteed to experience successes and challenges in life.  In other words, if you are alive, both will exist, and you cannot escape the challenges.  Therefore, the conclusion is to pursue your dreams and live a passionate and congruent life with who you are!


Ultimately, many people’s lives are formed by a sequence of choices.  Each day, each hour and each minute you are making and delivering upon your personal choices that form your life.  For example, you may choose to watch a particular TV show at 7 PM on Tuesday night, or you may choose you invest time in your business at 7 PM.  Regardless, each choice forms your life.  Look around and notice what exists in your life right now.  Well, it exists due to choices that you made in the past.  Therefore, to create your future, pay close attention to each and every choice you make.  Make your choices wisely.  Turn off the TV and rid other distractions.  Pursue YOUR dreams each and every day.  Do not settle for second.  Again, pick ONE, and Deliver On Your Dreams!!!


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You Always Win the Game You Are REALLY Playing

Do you always get what you say you plan to achieve?  For example, if you say that you want three new clients each month, would you obtain that goal?  Or, if you say you want to earn over $1,000,000 per year with your business, have you achieved that desire?  If the answer is yes, and you have achieved all of your goals in business and in life, then please stop reading this article and go teach others how to achieve 100% of their goals.


Some people will say that you always win the game that you are really playing.  To understand this concept, let’s look at a few examples.  Let’s say that you are driving your car in a new town, and you get lost.  After a while, you decide to go back home.  Even though you are lost, you would always find your way back home!  As a second example, what if your car breaks down and the replacement part takes over one month to arrive.  And, you would typically drive to your day job.  Well, somehow you would figure out how to arrive at work each day, even without driving your personal vehicle.


In summary, you win the game you are really playing.  In other words, when you are 100% serious about obtaining a goal, then you will DO what it takes to ACHIEVE that goal.  Your state of mind would envelope FAITH and COURAGE.  When you do not achieve your goal, then the game you are really playing may be categorized in the realm of DOUBT and FEAR.  That unaccomplished goal may be too advanced for your skill level, such as earning $1,000,000 in one day, or it may be overwhelmed by your personal doubts and fears.


Overall, the key concept is to have FAITH and COURAGE to accomplish your business goals.  Yes, there will be challenges.  And, when you fully see and internalize your vision, you will persist throughout all challenges.  For example, when FedEx started their business, they got ridiculed, because at that time the public believed that NO ONE could compete with the United States Post Office.  And, after years of failures and successes, FedEx has become a first-class competitor of the Post Office.  And, it occurred because of an internalized VISION, along with FAITH and COURAGE.  In other words, FedEx has been winning the game that they are really playing.  And, YOU can too!  Therefore, I encourage you to set realistic goals that you BELIEVE YOU CAN ACHIEVE.  Get rid of Fear and Doubt.  Operate you business with Faith and Courage to achieve your goals!

WHAT IF… Entrepreneur – Belief vs Doubt

As an entrepreneur, WHAT IF your vision became fulfilled.  And, what if it became fulfilled with velocity, within this year.  Do you truly believe that your vision will become reality, sooner rather than later?  Do you doubt your vision?  Or, what percentage of your vision is belief and what percentage of it is doubt?


They say it is good to visualize.  Therefore, let’s imagine WHAT IF…


-       You wrote down your Vision Statement and viewed it daily


-       You truly BELIEVE your vision is fulfilled


-       You consistently take the proper actions for your business to succeed and become profitable


-       You are able to purchase your 10,000 square foot home


-       You are able to travel to your favorite destinations with your family


-       You are able to enjoy your exotic vehicle


-       You fulfill your VISION this year!


At the core, BELIEF is involved with fulfilling one’s vision.  Earlier, the question was asked, what is your level of belief vs doubt.  Is it 50% belief and 50% doubt?  It is 80% belief and 20% doubt?  Or, is it 100% belief and 0% doubt?  One way to measure your level of belief is to observe your progress and results.  For example, if you take minimal actions on your business about once a week, making very slow progress, then your level of belief may be less than 50%.  And, doubt may possibly exceed belief.  Alternatively, if you are excited and taking massive action with your business on a daily basis and achieving success, then you may be much closer to 100% belief.  Always remember that a high level of excitement about your vision (or business) would lead to a high level of belief and will convert to massive successful actions.


As a resource, you may visit www.receivingincome.com to view a business vision that millions of people are excited about.  And, as you become excited about what you see, you may want to participate, believe and see your own results.  The key is to be excited and believe in the business or vision that YOU choose…  BELIEVE and ACHIEVE!!!


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