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Building The Business Brain

Building The Business Brain

Discover how you can have your very own instant collection of fresh new smoking hot products without having to spend hundreds of dollars or weeks of writing

Building the Business Brain

Develop The Right Mindset To Transition From Employee To Entrepreneur!


Target Market/Demand: Any person who desires to build a large business!

Product Description: Business is getting more and more competitive as the days go by. This book is the latest in business survival mindset.
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Blast-Off Your Business with 87 Octane or ROCKET FUEL

How do you fuel your business?  If your business mimicked a rocket, would you fuel it with only 87-octane car fuel?  Or, would you use a high-grade rocket fuel to power the rocket?  Well, obviously, the rocket fuel would produce much greater results.  Similarly, what do you fuel your business with?  Your brain is the engine source that runs your business.  And, it requires optimal nutrition and knowledge as its fuel.  Therefore, what do you eat in order to fuel your brain?  Do you eat fast-food, junk food, diet food, or healthy nutritious food?


The key is to eat healthy nutritious foods to fuel your brain, which is the engine source of your business.  Eating fresh fruits and vegetables may provide greater nourishment than some processed foods.  Overall, remember to eat regularly scheduled healthy meals each day in order to obtain the nutrition that your brain requires.  And, some people find it helpful to supplement their diet with other products.  Visit www.receivinghealth.com to discover additional nutritional knowledge.


“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” – Hippocrates

NLP in Business and in Life

Get Out Of Your Own Way

You are the owner and operator of the most amazing, beautiful, and complicated computing device ever invented – your brain. When you buy a new camera, or a new printer, or a new microwave oven, you most likely take some time to look through the manual and learn about what your new purchase can do, and how to operate it and get the most use out of it. Now, do that with your mind.

Our reality map is unique to each of us; no one else has the exact same reality. Furthermore, NLP can be used to change the way we interact with our reality, with huge implications for every area of our lives.

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Overpowering Your Lizard Brain – Seth Godin

Complete Premium video at: fora.tv Author Seth Godin argues that one of the main barriers to innovation is the "lizard brain," the primitive part of the human brain adapted for survival. He explains that the lizard brain "loves being a cog in the system" because it's safer than doing something foreign and untested. ----- The system is broken and the system needs you. Are you indispensable, capable of making a difference, doing work that matters--or are you a compliant cog in a machine that cares little about you? Seth Godin, entrepreneur and bestselling author of Linchpin wants to sell you on doing art, standing out and getting what you deserve. - BizTechDay American Way Magazine calls Seth Godin "America's Greatest Marketer," and his blog is perhaps the most popular in the world written by a single individual. His latest book, LINCHPIN, hit the Amazon top 10 on the first day it was published and became a New York Times bestseller.
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