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Video Creation Secrets

Create Your Own Video Products



Now YOU Can Finally Learn All the ins and outs of Creating Your Own Video Product...and it's broken down into simple terms ANYONE can understand!

Are you ready to learn what marketing experts have known for quite awhile about creating your own video products? It's simple with this step by step guide.

2 Of The Main Benefits to Video Products

1) It's much easier to SHOW someone how to do something, as opposed to just telling them.

Teaching people to do something with written word can be difficult at best. Some won't understand what you are trying to explain...they may be confused with certain terms or descriptions. With video, you can SHOW them what you are talking about to remove all doubt. There's no guessing that they are doing something correctly, they'll know for a fact!

2) Higher perceived value of all your products.

Writing a manual or guide is great, but to be honest, videos are EXPECTED to cost more. You are adding a personal touch, and spending your time bonding with your customer (or at least, that's how it seems). Because of this, the value of your product increases. You can earn more profit from the exact same amount of work!


Here's a taste of what you will learn inside this guide...

    • What tools are you going to need to create your video product? In this chapter, you'll see the advantages and disadvantages of certain tools...and more importantly, what you MUST have in order to create a great video product.
    • Do YOU know how to edit your video?Unless you plan on recording one continuous video, and starting over each time you mess up, you absolutely must know the essentials of editing. Get them broken down into simple terms! 
    • You mean I have to have a plan? This is quite possibly the most important step in the video creation process...are you prepared to waste hours and hours because you missed one of the steps?
    • Product delivery just got a little more complicated! Now that you have a video to deliver to customers, you need to know how to go about it. Will it be physically shipped? Downloadable? What if your customer is on slow dial up...all these questions and more are answered.
    • And a lot more!

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How to Create an Out-of-Control Viral Marketing Campaign!

Powerful Techniques On Viral List Building, Affiliate Marketing And Brand Name Building While Leveraging On The Internet!


Internet Marketing gurus always talk about building your own opt-in mailing list.

But what if, instead of relying on YOUR OWN LIST, you can LEVERAGE on other people's list?

This E-Book is written with a mind thinking 'outside of the box', and you'll be pleasantly surprised to learn how you - or anyone - can create an out-of-control Viral Marketing effect for your business - regardless of your current status and credibility!




Here's A Sneak Peak At The Table of Contents In This E-Book:

Chapter 1: Introduction 8

Chapter 2: Why Viral Marketing? 10

Chapter 3: Tell A Friend Viral Marketing 13

Chapter 4: Master Resell Rights Viral Marketing 15

Chapter 5: Private Label Viral Marketing 16

Chapter 6: Blog & Theme Viral Marketing 18

Chapter 7: Web 2.0 Viral Marketing 20

Chapter 8: Viral Spiral Marketing 21

Chapter 9: Summary 24


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Explode Your Monthly Income Through Monthly PLR Sites!

Learn How To Monetize PLR Content & Create Multiple Streams Of Income Today!

Everyone knows that Private Label membership sites are a highly lucrative business model. There are many people who are good at mass producing PLR content, but what about the END USER?

Not everyone is good at monetizing it. So many of them subscribe as a member to these membership sites... but few actually have the knowledge to monetize them to the MAX!

In "Explode Your Monthly Income Through Monthly PLR Sites!", we take a closer insight at PLR content from the monetization angle.



Here's A Sneak Peak At The Table of Contents In This E-Book:

Chapter 1: Introduction 6

Chapter 2: Why Monthly PLR? 8

Chapter 3: How To Choose A Good Monthly PLR Site 10

Chapter 4: How To Utilize PLR E-books 12

Chapter 5: How To Utilize PLR Sales Letters And
Landing Pages 14

Chapter 6: How To Utilize PLR Articles 16

Chapter 7: How To Make Money Using Thank You Pages

Chapter 8: How To Make Money Using Autoresponder
E-Courses 19

Chapter 9: How To Make Money Using PLR Blog Posts &
Themes 20

Chapter 10: How To Make Money Using Video And Audio

Chapter 11: Summary 22


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Relationship Marketing with E-mails

How to build stronger bonds, instill stronger credibility and increase your opt-in list response with relative ease!

What do you do when you finally get the first subscriber into your opt-in mailing list? Is money truly in the list?

Not really anymore - the money is found in the relationship with your list.

How do small list owners rival titans with hundreds of thousands of leads to their names and still dominate them in Joint Venture contests?

How do these list building guerillas maximize their profits and revenue with every targeted traffic and visitor they get?

The answers are all found in Relationship Marketing with Emails. . .

Here's A Sneak Peak At The Table of Contents

In This E-Book:

Chapter 1:
Introduction 7

You've Got Mail! 7

Chapter 2:
Building Relationships 9

Developing The Competitive Edge 9

Tips On Building Rapport With Your Subscriber 10

Chapter 3:
Instill Stronger Credibility 12

Establish Yourself As An Authority 12

Use E-courses To Build Credibility Over Time 13

Chapter 4:
Increase Your Opt-in rates 14

Crafting An Excellent Squeeze Page 14

Install Viral Friend Generator 15

Chapter 5:
Common Mistakes People Make 18

What You Must Avoid At All Costs 18

Chapter 6:
Summary 20

The Speed Of Trust 20

Resources 21

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Think and Grow Rich for Internet Entrepreneurs

Learn how to develop a winner's mindset on the Internet Marketing platform and become successful in the fastest time possible!

Mindset Marketing - the most important asset to anyone who even thinks about doing business online.

Yet it is the most neglected.

However with the self-improvement industry picking up in popularity over the past couple of years alone - and more and more individuals realize the importance of self growth and development in order to advance in the world of business on the
Internet landscape. . .

Here's A Sneak Peak At The Table of Contents

In This 26 Page E-Book:

Chapter 1:
Introduction 7

Develop That Winning Mentality TODAY! 7

Chapter 2:
Mindset & Vehicle 9

Develop the winning Mindset 9

Choosing The Right Vehicle 10

Chapter 3:
The Success Blueprint 12

Find a proven business model 12

Don't Try And Reinvent The Wheel 13

Chapter 4:
Four Steps To Success! 14

Find a skill 14

Create Your Own Product 15

Create A Business 15

Automating Your Business 16

Chapter 5:
Pitfalls 17

Waiting For Things To Happen 17

Dealing With Machines Instead Of Humans 18

Not Being Focused 18

Chapter 6:
Summary 19

It's All About Your Belief 19

Resources 23


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