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A Fair Days Work

When did we stop doing our jobs properly?  When did we stop caring about the quality of our work?  It can’t be because I am Management, it seems I am only Management when it is convenient to people.  Something doesn’t work…. It falls on me.  Something needs to be done and no one wants to do it….. It falls on me.

If you follow my blog by now you know how I am.  I am dedicated to doing the best job possible.  I was raised that way.  Thomas Carlyle said “A fair day’s wages for a fair days work”.  When did people stop? My Father and Mother were hard workers, as were their parents and their parents before them.  My ancestors came to the United States from Poland, Sweden and Norway.  My Fathers grandparents settled in Minnesota and became farmers.  My grandfather was a farmer.  My Mothers grandparents settled in Chicago.  My Grandfather worked in a factory, and he ran a little bootleg beer during the depression to make sure his family ate and had a roof over their heads.

My father worked at any jobs that he could once he left the farm.  He served in Korea, and settled In Chicago.  He worked for an Automotive Spring Manufacture for years, until he found a job closer to home that paid more money, he then became a bathroom and kitchen cabinet maker.  The company was small, and all the cabinets were made by hand.  He did side job, after side job to earn extra money.  My mother was one of the smartest women I knew.  She worked as a nurse’s aide for as long as I can remember, don’t tell anyone, but she never graduated High School.  She would knit and crochet for hours and sell whatever she made to the ladies at the nursing home.  Later on when she was unable to work anymore and the plastic canvas craze hit, she would make and sell those for extra money.

The economy was tuff in the 70’s, far worse than we have it today.  My father was working 2 or 3 days a week. We didn’t qualify for food stamps, there were no bail outs and when Unemployment ran out, it ran out.  My mother found her first job as a nurse’s aid working nights so she would be home to get us off to school and be there when we got home.

I started working at an early age, my father would get open paper routes and we would go out at the crack of dawn on Sunday and deliver the news papers.  I remember lying on top of them in the car and handing them to my brother and sister as they threw them out the window.   We did whatever we had to, in order to put food on the table and keep a roof over our heads.   I held a paper route; I started babysitting every day after school when I was 10.  I got my first full time job at 18, and started college.  My mother needed me to quit school and help with the bills at home so I went to work full time for a bank.  I made and sold ceramics, and crafts for years.  I did craft shows and had booths in various craft nook type stores.  When my friend stopped doing it, I could no longer keep up with the demand and was forced to quit.

I have worked hard my whole life, always had a second job or something more to do than just what was “normal” for most people.   I volunteered whenever I could.  Now I work a stressful full time job, I volunteer for 2 not for profit groups.  I am a Team Leader for a Meetup Group, and heaven help me I am trying (with the help of others) to get an innovative small business off and running.


People say I am an over achiever, they claim I love to work 24/7.  I say NO, I am doing as I was raised to, get the job done.

I have a strong work ethic, I come in early, I stay late, and I get the job done.  I look at others and they don’t have the same ethic that I do.  They come in when they want to, the leave when they want to.  They moan and complain when they have to actually DO something.  We have the unique position when we can be called out of the blue to do something.  We never know when it may happen, it just happens.  We had an equipment malfunction over the weekend, and the on call person was very casual and said “Well if they needed something I would think they would call” and proceeded to hand me the malfunctioning piece of equipment for trouble shooting.  I asked one simple question, “Did you turn it off and turn it back on again?”  The answer was “NO”.  Seriously?  I am furious and they are nonchalant about it.  Even the boss was surprisingly nonchalant.  I think it is because there was no crisis over the weekend and it was slow.  I would like to think that he isn’t that nonchalant.   I don’t get treated like the underachievers.   I am expected to do what I do.  We had a people that have gotten far more than what I am getting and I am doing their jobs as well as mine.

So Do I care too much, Do I work too hard?  Should I go against everything I believe in and stop doing my best?  What is the worst that can happen?  What would they say if I said NO, I am not troubleshooting whatever issue they have this time.   Sigh…..  I just don’t know.  I may try it one of these days, that’ll show them.



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