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Construction Season is over, Quit Roadblocking yourself

So you have a project and a deadline…. What do you do….. What Do You DO??????  If you say you jump right into it and get it done, I say you are either a big liar or you are a far far better person than I will ever be.

Typically deadlines are daunting, Face it the word Dead is in it, what’s more scary than that?  I decided as a kid that Deadline told me what I would be if I didn’t get whatever it was that I needed to do done.  You already start out on a negative.  Many people fool themselves into thinking that they need to do something in a certain way in order to get something done.  I know that I used to be that way.  I used to have to follow the same pattern over and over again when I did a project.  Many times my delays would force late nights and a ton of stress as I miscalculated what needed to be done and I was busy getting things in order before I actually start working on a project.

Frankly, I work much better under pressure and that’s the prime reason I am a Busy Person.  I keep myself busy and occupied so I continue to get things accomplished.  Long ago, I used to do it all myself.  Someone would ask me if I needed help and I would say “Oh No thanks, I have it all under control”  or “ I got it covered”  Those are probably the 2 of the worse things you could ever say.

I see Road Blocking all the time.  A lot of my friends are champion Road Blockers.  You offer help, they say NO.  You offer to take some of the load, they say NO.  At the end of the day, they are frazzled and not really enjoying life anymore because they are blocking themselves and preventing themselves from just getting things done.

Mary Poppins says:  “ Well Begun is Half Done”.   Once you finally start a project if you dedicate the time it requires you will find that you are almost done, and when you get back to the project it won’t take any time at all to finish.

Once you have a project assigned to you or you assign one to yourself, take the time to list everything you need in order to complete the project.  If you need information from someone, email them or advise them that you need them to complete the task for you. Give them a time limit to get their response to you, there is nothing worse than waiting on something that someone needs to give you because they are Road Blocking themselves.

I have this great friend who Road Blocks all the time.  When they complete the project they are working on it is a masterpiece but it is so painful to watch them struggle against themselves.  They Road Block by not giving themselves deadline, they give themselves goal.  They over think a project until it becomes a much larger project than is required. They assess high importance to low importance items and vice versa.

Fortunately I am Now great at managing myself and my projects.  I surround myself with people that I know will help me out if I need the help.  I used to be a do it all yourself kind of gal.  I used to be the kind of person that would spend 2 days looking for the perfect binder clips to be used for my project. The perfect pens, paper, etc.  You know how it goes, drown yourself in the little details and then if you fail to complete the project it really isn’t your fault now is it?

I decide how long I think a project will take me and then schedule accordingly.  I allow myself a 5 to 10 minute break per hour of actual work.  This allows me to get up and walk around, or distract myself with something else while I am working on my project.  I also allow myself to jump to another project if I suddenly have an idea.  For example, when I am working on a project and I suddenly get a great idea for a tweet, or something else for my marketing efforts, I pause what I am doing and quickly get the thought down.

So get your project in order quickly, it shouldn’t take you longer to get the project started or planned than it takes to do the actual project itself.  Remember if someone offers to help, you say  Thanks and accept the help.

" When you do the things you need to do when you need to do them, the day will come when you can do the things you want to do when you want to do them"
--Zig Ziglar