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CD/DOWNLOAD/ALBUM: Unsigned Treasures: Brian Hugh O’Neill – Free World (2010)

CD/DOWNLOAD/ALBUM: Unsigned Treasures: Brian Hugh O'Neill - Free World (2010)
By Nick DeRiso New York City-based Brian Hugh O'Neill can't get away from hard truths on Free World. "The light's not very kind in this place," O'Neill sings in the anthematic "Careful What You Want." "There's a shadow moving over your face." That shadow is moving, really, over the whole record, as O'Neill's characters toss and turn through a very long night...
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Peter Kerasotis: Orlando has little luck with superstars
ORLANDO — On so many levels, it was disconcerting to see Tracy McGrady torch the Orlando Magic. But that’s what happened Monday night. T-Mac was back in a big, big way, leading his current team, the Detroit Pistons, to a 103-96 victory against Orlando.
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For some, a favorite show becomes a way of life
It was intermission at the final Broadway performance of "Next to Normal," and Natalie Chernicoff, who was seeing the show for the 32nd time, was talking mascara with Kathleen Parker, who was seeing it for the 42nd time.
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Spoiler Chat: Glee, Castle, Grey's Anatomy, 90210, and More!
Could a Gossip Girl star be heading to Glee? Dare we dream? And what will happen next now that the cat's out of the bag about the bambino on the way on Grey's Anatomy? Check it...
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Internet Expert Mike Murray Introduces Online Marketing Straight Talk, Free Web Site Consultations for U.S. Businesses

Internet Expert Mike Murray Introduces Online Marketing Straight Talk, Free Web Site Consultations for U.S. Businesses
With Online Marketing Straight Talk, United States companies can get sage web site marketing advice at no charge from seasoned Internet marketer Mike Murray who has worked with hundreds of small clients and Fortune 500 businesses since 1997.
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InfoTrends Releases Timely Study on Cross-Media Direct Marketing Opportunity
Study examines how marketing executives are using print, online, mobile, and social media in their businesses and identifies the opportunities for technology vendors and service providers throughout the cross-media marketing value chain.
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Les Brown – Life Lessons from the Man Behind the Motivation (free)

Les Brown - Life Lessons from the Man Behind the Motivation (free)

Les Brown - Life Lessons from the Man Behind the Motivation (free)

Les Brown - Life Lessons from the Man Behind the Motivation (free)

By: Conan Edo

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"If you're the smartest person in your group, then you need a new group."- Les Brown

This is a famous Les Brown quote, although I'm quite sure he simply re-quotes it as opposed to him coining the phrase. Either way, he's used it a handful of times early on in my "study" of Les Brown.

I have only recently begun listening to and watching Les Brown. But he has quite the dramatic story -- highlights including born into pure poverty, adopted with his twin brother, labeled by the education system as mentally retarded. Take my word for it, he tells a better story that just that summary!

>>>Les Brown - Life Lessons from the Man Behind the Motivation free download-click here

In this powerful seminar, Les Brown uses his own life experiences to teach critical principles and philosophies for overcoming life's greatest challenges, and going to your next level. You'll hear his best stories ever, as he uncovers the most impactful strategies he attributes to his great success. If you have a dream, and you want to grow it, and make it a reality, this seminar is a must!

Les Brown is a powerful speaker! This video seems like it should cost money and come on a DVD... It's a full length video running 52 minutes, and it's WORTH IT! Les pretty much covers everything it takes to get started in personal development and a self help program.

Les Brown motivates, informs and inspires by using real life examples from his own past. He is also very light on the "hokey pokey" hype without substance.

Do yourself a favor and watch Les Brown's video when you can set aside an hour, but also take some notes. You'll get a lot from just watching the Les Brown video, but there is simply no way you can get everything out of it by simply watching it. Best yet, take notes, watch it with a friend (or have them watch it) and then discuss it. Two points of view are certainly more powerful than one!

>>>Les Brown - Life Lessons from the Man Behind the Motivation free download-click here

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Seth Godin – Permission Marketing (FREE)

Seth Godin - Permission Marketing (FREE)

Seth Godin, one of the world's foremost online promoters, offers his best advice for advertising in Permission Marketing. Godin argues that businesses can no longer rely solely on traditional forms of "interruption advertising" in magazines, mailings, or radio and television commercials. He writes that today consumers are bombarded by marketing messages almost everywhere they go. If you want to grab someone's attention, you first need to get his or her permission with some kind of bait--a free sample, a big discount, a contest, an 800 number, or even just an opinion survey. Once a customer volunteers his or her time, you're on your way to establishing a long-term relationship and making a sale. "By talking only to volunteers, Permission Marketing guarantees that consumers pay more attention to the marketing message," he writes. "It serves both customers and marketers in a symbiotic exchange."

>>>Seth Godin - Permission Marketing free download

Godin knows his stuff. He created Internet marketer Yoyodyne and sold it in 1998 to Yahoo!, where he is a vice president. Godin delves into the strategies of several companies that successfully practice permission marketing, including Amazon.com, American Airlines, Bell Atlantic, and American Express. Permission marketing works best on the Internet, he writes, because the medium eliminates costs such as envelopes, printing, and stamps. Instead of advertising with a plain banner ad on the Internet, you should focus on discovering the customer's problem and getting permission to follow up with e-mail, he writes. Permission Marketing is an important and valuable book for businesses seeking better results from their advertising. --Dan Ring --This text refers to the Hardcover edition.

Godin, a business whiz kid who does direct marketing for Yahoo!, asks a provocative question: Does advertising work? He cites example after example of recent misguided campaigns, a "waste jamboree" of traditional ads aimed at consumers who no longer care. There's an "infoglut" out there, he says, of ads in myriad media whose only power is to "interrupt" people's lives. Godin's professional journey to his current status as a guru of online promotion began with his work for such industry bigs as Prodigy and AOL. Now, he specializes in direct-mail campaigns online, where he takes advantage of the interactive nature of the technology. Using traditional terms such as reach and frequency to define his efforts, he moves further, into the touchy-feely area of "permission marketing," his term for developing a personal relationship with consumers, where they actually enjoy receiving correspondence. On tape, Godin's message is winning because of his youthful attitude: self-assured, at times cocky, but always sensible.

>>>Seth Godin - Permission Marketing free download

www.LeeStranahan.com Best selling author Seth Godin discusses the failure of our educational model that's built around producing factory workers. More Seth interviews on my website.
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Free Internet Marketing Strategy to Make Money #4

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