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Value Added: Lessons from founder of Dogtopia

Value Added: Lessons from founder of Dogtopia
Spending a few hours with Amy Nichols is like attending business school.
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Motionographers F5 Fest Announces Final Batch of Speakers
New York, NY -- F5 , the biennial creativity festival presented by Motionographer that returns to the historic Roseland Ballroom in New York City April 15-16, 2011, has unveiled even more speakers and announced the final event schedule F5 encompasses two days of talks, presentations and performances...
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EDITORIAL: Christmas gifts from community

EDITORIAL: Christmas gifts from community
Leukemia victim Dylan Franklin was the beneficiary of ,500 from the Gazette’s Full-Court Press basketball exhibition. He directed the money to Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters.
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Christmas Ain't What It Used to Be
Arriving in mid-December was hardly guaranteed, though, I’m mostly pleased to be here — or anywhere, as a tired joke would have it. Come to think of it, an uncomfortable number of my life’s aspects could be described and followed by that phrase: “as a tired joke would have it.”
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Les Brown – Life Lessons from the Man Behind the Motivation (free)

Les Brown - Life Lessons from the Man Behind the Motivation (free)

Les Brown - Life Lessons from the Man Behind the Motivation (free)

Les Brown - Life Lessons from the Man Behind the Motivation (free)

By: Conan Edo

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"If you're the smartest person in your group, then you need a new group."- Les Brown

This is a famous Les Brown quote, although I'm quite sure he simply re-quotes it as opposed to him coining the phrase. Either way, he's used it a handful of times early on in my "study" of Les Brown.

I have only recently begun listening to and watching Les Brown. But he has quite the dramatic story -- highlights including born into pure poverty, adopted with his twin brother, labeled by the education system as mentally retarded. Take my word for it, he tells a better story that just that summary!

>>>Les Brown - Life Lessons from the Man Behind the Motivation free download-click here

In this powerful seminar, Les Brown uses his own life experiences to teach critical principles and philosophies for overcoming life's greatest challenges, and going to your next level. You'll hear his best stories ever, as he uncovers the most impactful strategies he attributes to his great success. If you have a dream, and you want to grow it, and make it a reality, this seminar is a must!

Les Brown is a powerful speaker! This video seems like it should cost money and come on a DVD... It's a full length video running 52 minutes, and it's WORTH IT! Les pretty much covers everything it takes to get started in personal development and a self help program.

Les Brown motivates, informs and inspires by using real life examples from his own past. He is also very light on the "hokey pokey" hype without substance.

Do yourself a favor and watch Les Brown's video when you can set aside an hour, but also take some notes. You'll get a lot from just watching the Les Brown video, but there is simply no way you can get everything out of it by simply watching it. Best yet, take notes, watch it with a friend (or have them watch it) and then discuss it. Two points of view are certainly more powerful than one!

>>>Les Brown - Life Lessons from the Man Behind the Motivation free download-click here

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Brian Tracy – Doubling Your Productivity – Time Management Training Video from Seminars on DVD

For more information about the full length version of this program, please visit: www.seminarsondvd.com Effective time management is one of the most important skills for boosting productivity. In this powerful time management session by Brian Tracy, you'll learn how to organize every area of your life. You'll discover several time management tips, including the best ways to eliminate time wasters, time management techniques for maximizing productivity, how to increase your personal power, how to make yourself more valuable, and keys for staying motivated. No matter what you do for a living, this session promises to bring your time management skills and organizational skills to a new level. Brian Tracy is one of the most in-demand speakers in the world on the subjects of effective time management, business productivity and personal performance. He's a dynamic and entertaining presenter, teaching important strategies on how to reach higher levels of achievement, income and happiness. As the author of dozens of books covering the entire spectrum of human and corporate performance, Brian Tracy has appeared on countless television and radio shows. He is also featured regularly in major publications across the country, and overseas. Brian Tracy has also conducted high-level consulting assignments with several billion-dollar-plus corporations in strategic planning and organization development. MANAGE & ORGANIZE YOUR MOST IMPORTANT PRIORITIES TIME MANAGEMENT TIPS FOR STAYING ...
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