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Blast-Off Your Business with 87 Octane or ROCKET FUEL

How do you fuel your business?  If your business mimicked a rocket, would you fuel it with only 87-octane car fuel?  Or, would you use a high-grade rocket fuel to power the rocket?  Well, obviously, the rocket fuel would produce much greater results.  Similarly, what do you fuel your business with?  Your brain is the engine source that runs your business.  And, it requires optimal nutrition and knowledge as its fuel.  Therefore, what do you eat in order to fuel your brain?  Do you eat fast-food, junk food, diet food, or healthy nutritious food?


The key is to eat healthy nutritious foods to fuel your brain, which is the engine source of your business.  Eating fresh fruits and vegetables may provide greater nourishment than some processed foods.  Overall, remember to eat regularly scheduled healthy meals each day in order to obtain the nutrition that your brain requires.  And, some people find it helpful to supplement their diet with other products.  Visit www.receivinghealth.com to discover additional nutritional knowledge.


“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” – Hippocrates