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The Ultimate Social Media Plan

The Ultimate Social Media Plan

Discover how to use Twitter, Google +, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn to propel your business.

Access the ultimate guide to getting more leads, sales and customers using the power of high traffic social media sites
Are you caught in a constant struggle to generate more leads and sales?

Are you fed up with paying expensive advertising cost like pay-per-click and not getting results? Here is a simple plan that you can follow which can bring to you more customers, no matter what business you're in? ... Best of all, it's easy to follow!

A complete, no holds barred, step-by-step guide to using social media for your business in the least amount of time. I'll show you what to do and how to do it


  • You'll discover what social media is and how to use it to create social buzz so people can spread the word about your products/services or business in general.
  • How to convert leads into sales in social media.
  • Learn the 3 stages to make the most out of your social media platforms and calculate your return on investment.
  • How to develop a winning social media marketing plan.
  • Discover the 7 essential steps for creating a successful social media strategy
  • How to setup and manage a Facebook Page that works. What it is? Why use it? Setting it all up, configuring and optimizing, engaging your customers.
  • How to use Google+ to expand your circle. What is Google+ and why use it?
  • YouTube social media plan. Why use it? Thought leadership and expertise. Marketing and advertising and how to optimize your YouTube Videos to get more traffic to your websites. + much, much more!

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Google Tools

The Best Free Research Tools Ever..

There is one research resource that you can utilize at almost every stage of the research process when you are setting up a new project.

It is a resource that you almost certainly use every time you go online.

I am absolutely confident that 99% of people reading these words will be using this resource each and every day.

I am also very confident that you do not use this particular resource to anywhere near the full extent of its capabilities or capacity. And that is a terrible shame, because the capabilities and capacity of this particular online center of research excellence are both vast and unbounded.

So, what are these wonder tools?

The greatest online research resource that you are undoubtedly not using to the full extent of its capabilities is none other than the vast array of research resources provided by the number one search engine, Google.

Google command 69% of the search engine traffic on the internet every day right across the world and that in some countries, their share of the search engine market is in excess of 90%.    But the fact is, the vast majority of people are blissfully unaware that Google offers a very comprehensive range of net based tools and resources that would enable anyone to create an online business from scratch using almost nothing but Google owned tools.

This report will dive into some of the most powerful of Google Tools and how you can use them for your business.


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Network Marketing Survival 2

Choose The Right Company, Plan, Team And Marketing Model And Explode Your Business Today!


Times have changed since Network Marketing was introduced to the world back in the 1950's. Today more than ever, we must be very careful in how we approach our prospects and seal the deals.

Just because the profitability of Network Marketing is still viable doesn't mean that using the same old techniques that are used in the 80's is going to get you the same results in the 21st century!

Sequel to the first release of Network Marketing Survival, this second part covers in deeper detail on how any individual can also thrive in this 'personal franchising' business!




Here's A Sneak Peak At The Table of Contents In This
44 Page E-Book:

Chapter 1: Introduction 8

Chapter 2: Network Marketing In The 21st Century 10

Sales Versus Marketing 10

Old School Versus The Google Revolution 12

Attrition Rates Are Increasing 14

Chapter 3: Choosing The Right Network Marketing
Company 15

The Right Vehicle 15

The Right Management Team 16

A Product That Is In Demand 17

The Right Trend 18

Front Loading Companies 18

Chapter 4: Finding The Right People To Work Together
With 20

Supportive Uplines And Sidelines 20

Speedy Support 21

Joining Networking Groups Outside 21

Chapter 5: Differentiating Between Compensation
Plans 23

The Importance of Compensation Plans 23

Single Level Versus Multi-Level 24

Unilevel Plans 26

Stairstep Plans 27

Binary Plans 28

The Australian Two-Up 29

Matrix Plans 31

Chapter 6: Prospecting Methods 32

Cold Calling & Invitations 32

Classified Advertising & Google AdWords 33

Networking Swaps 34

Online Prospecting 34

Chapter 7: Developing The Posture Of A Leader 36

Posture Is Everything 36

Ways To Develop The Winning Posture 37

Recommended Resources 38

Chapter 8: Conclusion 39

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Secrets To Web Traffic Overdrive

Traffic Building Techniques to Increase Visitor Flow to Your Websites and Explode Your Business Profits!

Something your websites can never go without.

OR risk seeing your bank account dry like drought.

To fully complete the success equation you need traffic. Traffic is to a web site what blood is to the body. Other than ensuring that you have a great product to sell, you need to focus on generating TARGETED traffic.

If you already have a site and you want think that you're not getting the traffic that you're supposed to be getting, then it is time to uncover the Secrets to Web Traffic Overdrive in these power-packed pages!


Increasing Your Web Traffic Starting NOW!

How to Generate Traffic Using Only Free Methods

Search Engine Optimization and Why You Got to Use It

How to Use A Tell-A-Friend Script To Drive Traffic Today
Tell-A-Friend Script
Tell-A-Friend Script Availability

Top 5 Ways to Generate Low Cost Website Traffic
Exchange Links
Traffic Exchange
Write and Submit Articles

Using Google Adwords to Drive Laser Targeted Traffic
Using Money to Make Money
Laser Targeting your Traffic

Viral Marketing 101
Viral Marketing Overview
Using Viral Marketing to your advantage

How to Monetize Your Traffic So You Get The Most Out Of It
Making Money out of your Traffic
Affiliate Programs

In Closing

Recommended Resources


Increasing Your Web Traffic Starting NOW!

Internet. Business. Profit.

To fully integrate all of these words into a successful merging you will need another word. Traffic. Every article and reading material you will find about making your site or company successful would always include the importance of generating traffic.

So, we all know that in the core of it all, traffic is the most essential thing to a successful Internet based business company. Aside from ensuring that you have a great product to sell, and you have your company's internal organization well taken core of, it would be time to get to the nitty-gritty of things, generating traffic.

If you already have a site and you want think that you're not getting the traffic that you're supposed to be getting, then its time to reconsider. If you are contending in these very competitive business, you should always be a step ahead of your competition, increasing your traffic flow should have been done starting yesterday.

Timing is essential, that's an old adage known to everyone. But with generating traffic, you should always be on your toes and be a day ahead of everyone. Never think of today and tomorrow as a starting point for making your site traffic laden, it should always have been yesterday.

To help you out in generating more traffic for your site, here are some seven surefire ways in a nutshell to increase your traffic starting from yesterday.

(We'll cover them and more in detail in the later parts of this book)


And The Best Part Is That You Can Be Reading This e-Book In Less Than 90 Seconds From Now!

That's right! No more waiting for the mailman to come to your door 7-10 days later.. You can start reading this book instantly!

It doesn't matter if it's 2 AM in the morning, you'll be downloading and reading "Secrets to Web Traffic Overdrive" within just a few minutes. There's absolutely no risk to you - so what are you waiting for?

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