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Business Baby Steps vs Quantum Leap

As entrepreneurs, wouldn’t it be great if we could simply create a business, put an OPEN sign on the door or post a website and instantly make millions of dollars overnight?  I know there are rare examples where it may have actually occurred.  Unfortunately, it is atypical to become an instant millionaire unless you win the lotto.


Sometimes we are so anxious to achieve that “quantum leap” when it comes to earning money.  We want to become instant millionaires, get rich quick and live in a NOW and EASY world!  Even our food is instantly cooked in a microwave oven.  We survive on fast food.  We rush here and there.  Our time gets stretched thin as we attempt to multi-task.  As fast as we win a new client, we lose an old client because there is not enough time to give full service.  As we run around in circles what do we really gain?  Sometimes get so busy attempting to take that Quantum Leap that we result with maximum stress and minimum income.  Wouldn’t you be happier if you could produce the alternative, which is to minimize stress and maximize income!


The portrayed concept is that Haste Makes Waste.  How do you benefit by rushing to achieve an exorbitantly high level of stress?  Even if you do succeed with expanding your business rapidly, there may be a challenge of growing too fast and simultaneously maintaining financial stability.  Conversely, there is a concept of becoming so overwhelmed that no significant progress is made to expand your business.  You must choose a healthy pace that works for you!


Taking Baby Steps is sometimes the healthiest way to initially build your business and develop momentum.  Do not underestimate the power of taking business baby steps.  Just imaging how a baby covers territory by first crawling slowly, second crawling fast, third attempting to walk with a stumble, fourth walking, fifth running and stumbling.  Finally, that baby has reached its “terrible two’s” and is running away from you!  Can you keep up with that two year old baby?  That baby will cover a lot of territory as it runs while the adult gets exhausted.  The correlation that I’m making is that as you DILIGENTLY TAKE BABY STEPS with your business, you may cover a significant amount of territory as you expand.  Similar to the adult parent getting exhausted, your diligent business progress may irritate your competition, or at least they may notice that you exist.  Additionally, these baby steps could create a solid foundation for your business.  For example, start with learning to make a small profit, such as $100.  Then, duplicate your efforts with baby steps to achieve a $1,000 profit.  Continue in this fashion to produce a $10,000 profit, and so on.  Eventually, your business structures may become sufficient enough to successfully take that Quantum Leap!


Ultimately, you make the decision of your pace.  Do you select the Quantum Leap method to expand your business?  Or, would diligently taking Business Baby Steps be the healthiest way to grow?  By the way, if you are searching for a new business concept, visit www.receivingincome.com.

Hurry Up And Stop Hurrying

It’s true… Haste makes waste.  The only reason to hurry is to hurry up and stop hurrying.  Otherwise, you should always PACE yourself and stay on pace.  What a simple concept.  And, you may tell yourself that you are rarely in a hurry with your business.  Well, let’s dig deeper to see what may be considered hurrying.  For example, ask yourself the following questions to understand whether you hurry with your business:


-       Do you follow every single step of your business system/program, including those systems that you purchased to enhance your business?  Or, do you skip steps, thinking that they are a waste of time?

-       Do you abide by your business plan?

-       Do you take the time to follow-up with business prospects in a timely manner?

-       Do you take the time to send thank you notes to your customers?

-       Do you over-book your schedule, such that you rush from one appointment to another?

-       Are you focused on making a lot of money quickly, without first offering QUALITY service to clients?

-       Do you focus on maintaining long term, repeat customers?  Or, are you only satisfied with making that one quick sale from a customer?

-       Do you organize yourself and your work space/desk at the end of each day?  Or, does it take TOO MUCH TIME?


Again, the above questions may verify whether you are in a hurry with your business.   And, once we pace ourselves and follow ALL of the actions that pertain to our business systems, then we may experience a lot more business success at a quicker rate.  For example, a Franchise Restaurant, such as McDonald’s, would follow every single step in their business model.  No tasks in there system would be omitted.  Their system is followed diligently, and on a consistent basis.  And, if something were skipped, then it would be observed and corrected at the time of an audit.  In other words, their restaurant system is not hurried, and they generate much success.


The key is to build a solid, quality business at a pace that is sufficient for you to maintain.  Diligence is what allowed the turtle to win the race against the rabbit.  Therefore, be diligent with building your business, and win!