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Pick One: Deliver On Your Dreams, or Settle For Second

Yes, that’s right pick ONE, which is to “Deliver on Your Dreams”.  Ignore part two of the title displayed above, which states “Settle for Second”.  We all have dreams of various aspirations that we want to achieve in life.  The question is why should it remain just a dream.  It appears that most people settle for second, also known as a mediocre life.  Others dive into a life of passion as they pursue their dreams.  They create a life that is congruent with who they are.  For example, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. had a dream that all races of people will be united in the way they live in this world.  During the time of this dream, it was almost impossible to imagine blacks and whites interacting together in a constructive manner.  Racial segregation and hate crimes were at an all time high.  While pursuing his dream, he encountered good times and challenging times.  Regardless whether he had a day of great success or a day of difficult challenge, he persisted with delivering upon his dream each day.  Similarly, you may have a passionate dream that may seem impossible.  The key is to deliver upon it each and every day.  Whether you pursue your dream or not, you are guaranteed to experience successes and challenges in life.  In other words, if you are alive, both will exist, and you cannot escape the challenges.  Therefore, the conclusion is to pursue your dreams and live a passionate and congruent life with who you are!


Ultimately, many people’s lives are formed by a sequence of choices.  Each day, each hour and each minute you are making and delivering upon your personal choices that form your life.  For example, you may choose to watch a particular TV show at 7 PM on Tuesday night, or you may choose you invest time in your business at 7 PM.  Regardless, each choice forms your life.  Look around and notice what exists in your life right now.  Well, it exists due to choices that you made in the past.  Therefore, to create your future, pay close attention to each and every choice you make.  Make your choices wisely.  Turn off the TV and rid other distractions.  Pursue YOUR dreams each and every day.  Do not settle for second.  Again, pick ONE, and Deliver On Your Dreams!!!


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