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Have you ever wondered  why you can say something to someone and they hear something completely different? What about when you gave your best sales presentation and you don't close the sale? Did you know that there is an entire language going on between you and the other person that if you aren't aware of, can take over your entire conversation? Well, it's true! How you inspire a YES is through personal mastery of yourself and your skill set. One such way is through the study  of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), which is how to use the language of the mind to consistently achieve our specific & desired outcomes. Let's break that down: Neuro –mind,  Linguistic- language,  Programming- subconscious programs.

NLP can be used for any type of communication, and here we will discuss the utilization of it in sales. Sales success is a personal mastery to inspire a YES!

You must have authentic confidence in your own presence & power and exude authority from an authentic place. When you call on someone, who are you? Are you a sales person,  one who will just do anything for a sale,  lack integrity? Or are you there to help, understand & supply a solution? What do you believe about yourself & products?  People must FEEL you. So ask yourself these important questions and know yourself, before meeting the person or making the call. You must master your mental and emotional state, because your state has a frequency to attract outcome, so best attract your desired outcome.

4 Keys to Personal Mastery

Language: You create with your words. So in actuality you don’t describe what you see, you see what you describe. Some say seeing is believing when actually believing is seeing. So when speaking or writing, be very mindful of your words. Here is a great example of how words are so powerful. The next paragraph you are about to read, is certainly innocent enough, or is it?

“I need to tell you the ProductXYZ has just arrived on our shelves. By now, you’ll have heard that there was a small delay to get it in my store, but we’re pleased to announce that we can get it there now without any problem. We feel proud to have had done so at last! “

Now, let’s look at this again with certain words in bold & underlined and just read the bold underlined words.

I need to tell you the ProductXYZ has just arrived on our shelves. By now, you’ll have heard that there was a small delay to get it in my store, but we’re pleased to announce that we can get it there now without any problem. We feel proud to have had done so at last! “ Your brain is being told, "I need ProductXYZ, BUY now, get it in my store, get it, now,  feel proud to have done so!

You can clearly see the power of words in the hidden language that to our conscious mind upon reading it, all seems fine.  While on subconscious mind is processing all the hidden directives or actions. This is because our conscious mind can process 40 bits of information while our subconscious minds can process 40 MILIION bits at the same time so all the power is in the subconscious and it is extremely important to be mindful of what you are saying and writing.  I recommend you keep this in mind: this works on our personal beliefs too! So what we say or think about ourselves, our subconscious is listening and manifesting it so! When speaking, use sentence that state your desired outcome, as if it were already done. For example, instead of saying, “If you think you will like & can afford this DVD, I hope to hear from you soon.”  I suggest saying, “You will love this program, that will help you achieve your goal of losing 25 pounds. Let’s get started now to ensure you are ready for that June wedding! Are you by your computer now?” or instead of saying “Give this program a try and see how you like it.” I suggest saying “I trust you we chose the perfect program for you to fit into your wedding dress and I’M looking forward to supporting you on this journey!” And when someone asks me “What is that protein drink about?”,  instead of saying "It's your meal replacement." I say ,  “It’s a natural, powerful weight loss accelerator & superfood that helps fight disease.” Can you see & feel the difference?

Physiology: How you move influences how you feel and what you exude. You must be aware of client’s or prospect’s physiology. Look at their body language, tone of voice, breathing, movements, and match them and match their physiology. Also use key words based on if their communication modality is mostly Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic or unspecified. What I mean by that is if they are Visual, they will use terms and words like, see, look, envision. If they are Auditory, they will use words like hear, listen, sounds like. If they are Kinesthetic, they will use words such as feel, touch, grasp. So, by matching them in the best way they will receive your information best, you gain even more rapport. By gaining a strong rapport, the other person will build trust and confidence in you quicker; feel more comfortable & relatable to you, therefore receiving you & what you are saying easier. Also, did you know that when negotiating or asking for the sale, it is better to wait until the person’s shoulders are down upon them exhaling? This is because the natural state upon an exhale is relaxation and they are more open to influence at time of rapport and relaxation. Building rapport is not to trick anyone or manipulate them. It is to relax them so they are open and not blocked by fears, such as a concern that they are going to be sold or that they aren't being told the truth etc. In an unblocked state, you will be able to really feel them & hear them also, so you will be more successful in suggesting what will help them best too. I believe it is best when are in this to help others first, with an open, giving heart and the results follow.

Focus:  Everyone has different experiences based on their filters, their own reality. So when someone communicates something to another, the person receiving the information deletes, distorts and generalizes the information to make sense to them, (just as the communicator does) to relate to their own mind. That is how a room full of people can all watch the same thing and all see something different.  Or have you ever said something to someone and they internalized it totally different than you meant it? This is why. Focus is also where the Law of Attraction comes in. It is basically your reticular activation or you RAS. You tell yourself what you are interested in, for example, activities that will help you reach your goals. Your brain has a filter or RAS that will delete and sort through all the 40 Million bits of information that is presented to us and it hold onto the ones that you basically told it to. Your subconscious knows you are interested in it, in this example, activities to support your goals, sorts it out, and then opportunities seem to appear in front of your eyes or manifest itself. Boom! You are the ultimate manifestor and it works with everything!

Beliefs:  You will always be manifesting something, whether you desire the outcome or not, so I recommend focusing and believing in what you do want, rather than what you don’t want. Your beliefs run the show! Your are the believer, not your beliefs so if you believe something negative about yourself or your skills, rip it out of your beliefs and decide on a better belief! These beliefs are rooted into your subconscious which is always listening so start this moment to tell it empowering, strong, positive things and watch your success grow! 


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Southwest Suburb Chapter Meeting
Tony Robbins' "Unleash the Power Within" Peak Performance Strategy Session
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A New Chapter For The Chicago Entrepreneur Meetup Group! Things Just Keep Getting Better And Better!


So much going on and so much to do!

So let me start off by saying CONGRATULATIONS To James Cerdan for stepping up and starting a new chapter for the Chicago Entrepreneur Meetup Group!

James will be running our Chapter meetings down in the Southwest Suburbs which covers the Bolingbrook, Naperville, Lisle, and more area! James is an excellent candidate for this as he's well connected and his company, HDI-Print, is something all entrepreneurs can use (business cards, postcards, brochures - they got what you need).

The Bolingbrook/Naperville chapter will meet every Second Thursday (First one's October 14th, so be on the lookout for the event announcement) right before our monthly Schaumburg Meetings every Third Tuesday (Next one's this Coming Tuesday, September 21st and then again on October 19th). And for all of you downtowner's don't worry, we're working on setting up some meetings down there too starting in November!

Keeping in alignment of our current purpose and mission, I'm working with James to ensure we provided great value to all our members and bring high quality speakers when appropriate. This is great for all you members as we continue to grow and develop this group making this the ONE place for all entrepreneurs!

So Congrats again to James for taking the initiative and making this happen!

In other news, there are a lot of upcoming events! As mentioned, Things just keep getting better and better!

First, don't forget our Monthly Meeting in Schaumburg is on Tuesday, September 21st. We'll be answering All your questions about Social Media. As we are advertising this via multiple avenues, registration is on eventbrite. Go there now to register. http://chicagoentreprenuermeetup0921.eventbrite.com/

Second, Wednesday, September 22nd, I'll be at my weekly Networking Lunch somewhere in Schaumburg/Hoffman Estates area. This week we'll be at Jersey's Pizza and Grill at 11:30 am. For more information, go to http://www.meetup.com/KeyConceptNetworking

Wednesday evening, I'll be at a Jaycee Coffee social at the corner of Golf and Roselle Road - again in Hoffman Estates. If you're interested in finding out more about the Jaycees, this is a great place to show up. For more information, go to http://www.meetup.com/HoffmanEstatesJaycees

Next, If you haven't checked out our discussion board yet, please do so periodically and make sure you introduce yourself. And if you've got an upcoming event, feel free to post it there (under the "UPCOMING EVENTS" section of course). Make sure you check out the events like the upcoming More Life Personal Transformation Experience September 24-26, 2010. I sat down and met with Jillian Eichel and this seems like it's going to be a super event you want to get out to. I'd attend myself except I'll be at a Speaker bootcamp during those days rubbing elbows with other speakers. If you're open though, check it out at http://www.morelifetraining.com/ or contact Jillian (she's one of our members!) for more information!

And don't forget the 30 days of free Real Estate Training coming up. Tim Mai's done hundreds of deals and he's looking to train you for FREE for 30 days with a step-by-step game plan you don't want to miss. Get registered for this amazing event at http://www.bit.ly/1000deals

There are a LOT more events coming up in October as well, so stay tuned!

Celebrate Life!
Chaffee-Thanh Nguyen

P.S. Do not let all these events overwhelm you. While I believe that your Network is your NetWorth, I also believe in getting things done. Depending on your schedule, I recommend you attend at least 1 event per week (to get out the door and meet people) only do not over do it. The fortune is in the follow-up, so attend an event and then schedule follow-up meetings. Do this once a week and you're golden. Attending 3 - 5 or more events and not following up may be fun only it's not advancing your business. Make sure you attend enough events to meet people and then schedule the follow-up meetings!

P.S.S. If you're looking for more events to attend as you cannot attend any of the one's listed above, let me know. The only events I share here are the one's where I've been to, I know the organizer, or I know and trust someone who personally recommends the event. I want to ensure that I am only referring high quality events which provide value to you and the other members of this group. I am aware of several more events which I do not share as I do not know anyone associated with those events - and if you are interested in them, contact me directly and I'm more than happy to share.