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Brian Tracy – Is This Business & Personal Success Coach All Hype?

Brian Tracy - Is This Business & Personal Success Coach All Hype?

Brian Tracy - Is This Business & Personal Success Coach All Hype?

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Home Page > Business > Training > Brian Tracy - Is This Business & Personal Success Coach All Hype?

Brian Tracy - Is This Business & Personal Success Coach All Hype?

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Posted: Aug 23, 2009 |Comments: 0


Have you heard of Brian Tracy? If no one has told you about the incredible success of this millionaire mentor yet, you might have trouble believing it, since it's tempting to dismiss all of it as another story with too much hype. I felt that way when I first heard about him, but I took the time to look again, and so should you.

Tracy is known all over the world for helping people and groups increase their success and take advantage of their abilities. For thirty years, he's been speaking in all kinds of fields, and he now has more than forty-five best sellers, which have been translated all over the world. People everywhere have learned how to achieve the goals they've been striving for by listening to Brian Tracy.

Consulting with more than 1000 companies around the world, Brian Tracy has helped all kinds of businesses improve, including some of the United States' biggest corporations. In North America alone, Mr. Tracy has presented more than 4000 seminars, and he has also spoken in another 40 countries. As a seminar leader and popular keynote speaker, Brian Tracy speaks to more than 250,000 people every single year, and he's written over 300 learning programs in audio and video formats, all of which have also been translated around the world.

Tracy has been incredibly successful on his own, too. Before the creation of his own corporation, he worked as a CEO for a major corporation, bringing in more than two hundred fifty million dollars a year. He's also been successful in career niches ranging from marketing and sales to management and even real estate. He's worked all over the globe and is multi-lingual - even now, he stays involved in international business affairs.

Of course, Brian Tracy didn't start out a millionaire. In fact, he didn't even finish college, and many of his early jobs were extremely menial, including general labor, ditch digging and dish washing. However, he brought himself up out of this situation and became a millionaire, mostly by investigating the behaviors and thought patterns of people who really were successful.

Some people just have more success than others, but there are clear reasons why. You can find out more by checking out his tapes and books - I've certainly learned a lot from finding out more about Tracy, and you need to do so, too!

If you decide you'd like to look into the enormous variety of professional and personal development materials offered by this millionaire mentor, you'll be astonished by how many topics he covers. Distribution, management, marketing, personal improvement, sales and lots more are all covered in his helpful materials. While his lectures are soft spoken, he can help you, and it's surprising what a difference it'll make.

Brian Tracy is a self made man who's accomplished some incredible things, and once you start learning more about him, you'll want to keep on doing so. Everyone knows that to be a success, we have to model ourselves after the people who have done it already. If you'd like to be like this millionaire mentor, it's time to learn what we want and how not to take no for an answer, and he can show us how.

Finding the best and most up-to-date information on Brian Tracy can be a daunting task. One of the rare places I have found online that gives the most straight forward and unbiased facts about this success guru is at www.MillionaireProductReports.com

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