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The Rise of the Wantrepreneur

The following is an excerpt from the Entrepreneur Manifesto.  Enjoy this snippet and download the rest of this powerful report FREE at our home page at http://www.ChicagoEntrepreneurMeetup.com


Some people here the siren's call to become an entrepreneur.  Unfortunately, many are too afraid of taking the next step... or they "think" they're taking steps to become an entrepreneur and instead because a wantrepreneur.


So what is a "Wantrepreneur"?


A wantrepreneur is someone who thinks about starting a business and hasn't taken that first step yet.  They're someone who is looking for the right idea and believes it will come one of these days, so they just kind of hang out at networking meetings or read things online.  Furthermore, it's someone who wants to act like an entrepreneur or wants to be an entrepreneur and yet doesn't do jack diddly about it.


The worst kind of wantrepreneur is the kind that goes out and "says" that they've started a business; they join a company or start a company by filing corporation papers; they get a website; they get business cards, and then they start telling people they're in business and don't do anything else.  They don't make sales; they're not consistent with marketing; they're not making any money and not doing jack squat to build their business.  They're just all talk and no action.


Sorry... did I describe anyone reading this?


If you’re a wantrepreneur, at least admit it.   As the quote says, “The truth will set you free...but first it will piss you off!”


When I first got into real estate investing, I started attending real estate training seminars.  I was a complete "newbie" and didn't know anything about real estate or real estate investors.  At one of my very first events, I sat behind a fellow who was in his late 40's, early 50's.


I asked this guy what he thought of the event so far because I was blown away with everything I was learning.  His simple response was, "oh, it's o.k."  He went on to tell me that he's been attending these things for years and knows all this stuff already.


I'm thinking, "Wow!  This guy must be a big time investor because he's been at it for years and knows all this stuff already."  So I asked him.  "So you've been investing for a while now and have a lot of properties?  What strategies do you use?"


And his response blew me away!  I mean, I was completely floored!


Do you know what he said?


He said, "Oh, I haven't bought anything yet.  I just enjoy attending these events and learning stuff.  I'm going to buy something one of these days."


A complete and total "wantrepreneur".  He spent years of his time learning all this great information and didn't do a single thing with it.  And yes... he even had real estate investor business cards.  Ever run across anyone like that?


Now hey, buying real estate is a big deal.  You can lose your behind if you don't do it right.  Ask me how I know.  And there are steps you can take to advance your business instead of spending years attending events and not doing anything.


Wantrepreneurs tend to hope & pray that their precious little “business ideas” will take off.


Some even jealously guard their ideas hoping no one will steal them.  Some wantrepreneurs can’t even find ONE business idea!


But what’s more sad, is when someone come up with some “OMG TOTALLY GREAT IDEA!!” and then spend the next few months or years doing absolutely nothing about it or working on building this idea into something and never doing anything real with it.


You know, the kind that writes something down on a piece of paper or in a journal and constantly revises their idea for years and years until one day they see it on the market because someone else had the same idea and took it to market?


You get my point here.
This manifesto is about being and ENTrepreneur, not a WANTrepreneur.  So let's look at some attributes of entrepreneurs.