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Anatomy of a Phish – follow up

Last month a wrote about that wonderful world of email spam, specifically phishing emails and how they've evolved and become a little more difficult to spot.  You can read it here if you like.

While no one responded, or even tried to post the flaws.  I did promise that I'd post the flaws this month.  I'll break them down between the obvious and not so obvious, so here goes:


  • Subject line - "credit cars account"
  • From Field - Chase.com <noreply @ sprint.com>

Not So Obvious

  • Body text - The currency symbols and designations.  The email puts them in front of the amount i.e. ($USD) 200.00.  The correct format is $200.00USD or $200.00 (USD).
  • Links - While I was unable to screen capture those for you, they were fraudulent.  When you hover over the links the address/es they displayed were not even close to being affiliated with the bank.
  • Date format - This can be up for debate depending on the bank but they are using the international date format of day/month/year; when a US bank will in most cases use month/day/year.

The last and most obvious flaw with this email is:



It Pays… Persistence That Is!

Once upon a time, there was a novice entrepreneur named Rich Now.  He worked as an employee during the day and ran his small business during the evening hours.  Being tired of his day job, he guessed that he would immediately become a millionaire with his small business.  The more he thought about his business, the more excited he became.  Everyday after working his job, he would go home to work his business.  He obtained a list of prospects and sent out 50 emails about his business products everyday.  And, each person would purchase $1,000 worth of his products and services.  Yes, all 50 people would give him business.  Numerically, that totals $50,000 per day.  After 30 days of working his business, Rich earned $1,500,000.  Rich Now lived happily ever after….


As you may have guessed, the above story is fictitious.  Although, sometimes we, entrepreneurs, are tempted to give up or get frustrated when our business does not make the revenue that we expect.  Many entrepreneurs anticipate that things will succeed a lot better than the real world, similar to the above story about Rich Now.  We jump into a business thinking everything will be wonderful, similar to the wedding day of a marriage.  Just imagine getting married to the most beautiful and perfect spouse.  You think of living happily ever after, until you encounter reality.  Even the most successful billionaires have personal stories that include plenty of challenges that they endured in order achieve their abundance of wealth.


Similar to a marriage, a business requires PERSISTENCE in the real world.  And, persistence pays.  Unlike the story about Rich Now, it may require sending multiple emails to prospects prior to earning the first sale.  You may want to be consistent and send a couple of emails to your prospect list every month.  Keep in mind that one of the reasons that large corporations are successful is because they are PERSISTENT and consistent.  And, it may be easier for them because they pay employees to persistently do the work for them every single day.  As a small business owner, it may be a little challenging to be persistent with running your business because you have less people to manage the business as compared to a large corporation.


In summary, persistence is part of the formula of running a successful business.  And, you must avoid dwelling on stories similar to Rich Now, which is totally fictitious.  As entrepreneurs, one of our goals is to determine what pays.  Overall, the real world confirms that persistence pays!


For entrepreneurs who are searching for another business to practice getting paid via persistence, visit www.receivingincome.com.

You Always Win the Game You Are REALLY Playing

Do you always get what you say you plan to achieve?  For example, if you say that you want three new clients each month, would you obtain that goal?  Or, if you say you want to earn over $1,000,000 per year with your business, have you achieved that desire?  If the answer is yes, and you have achieved all of your goals in business and in life, then please stop reading this article and go teach others how to achieve 100% of their goals.


Some people will say that you always win the game that you are really playing.  To understand this concept, let’s look at a few examples.  Let’s say that you are driving your car in a new town, and you get lost.  After a while, you decide to go back home.  Even though you are lost, you would always find your way back home!  As a second example, what if your car breaks down and the replacement part takes over one month to arrive.  And, you would typically drive to your day job.  Well, somehow you would figure out how to arrive at work each day, even without driving your personal vehicle.


In summary, you win the game you are really playing.  In other words, when you are 100% serious about obtaining a goal, then you will DO what it takes to ACHIEVE that goal.  Your state of mind would envelope FAITH and COURAGE.  When you do not achieve your goal, then the game you are really playing may be categorized in the realm of DOUBT and FEAR.  That unaccomplished goal may be too advanced for your skill level, such as earning $1,000,000 in one day, or it may be overwhelmed by your personal doubts and fears.


Overall, the key concept is to have FAITH and COURAGE to accomplish your business goals.  Yes, there will be challenges.  And, when you fully see and internalize your vision, you will persist throughout all challenges.  For example, when FedEx started their business, they got ridiculed, because at that time the public believed that NO ONE could compete with the United States Post Office.  And, after years of failures and successes, FedEx has become a first-class competitor of the Post Office.  And, it occurred because of an internalized VISION, along with FAITH and COURAGE.  In other words, FedEx has been winning the game that they are really playing.  And, YOU can too!  Therefore, I encourage you to set realistic goals that you BELIEVE YOU CAN ACHIEVE.  Get rid of Fear and Doubt.  Operate you business with Faith and Courage to achieve your goals!

Multiply Yourself

The Entrepreneurial Masters have MULTIPLIED themselves by duplicating an effective and proven success system. And, YOU can too!


Is it better to re-invent the wheel?

Well, there could be advantages for you to invent your own system to create a successful multi-million dollar business.

Just imagine, you could spend years developing, testing, failing, succeeding and re-testing your own unique business model until you perfect it.

And, you could have lots of fun doing it.

On the other hand, it could cost you a lot of time and money. By the time you formulate an expert model, you may have to change it because technology changes often.


Or, what if you simply selected a system that already works beautifully.

Imagine a system that has already been developed and tested for you! All you have to do is to follow the system.

I don’t mean follow the system the way YOU want to.

What I am saying is that you must follow the system EXACTLY according to the MASTER who created it. It’s like playing that game you may have played when you were a kid…. It’s called Simon Says.

That’s right, you must complete EVERY task of the master, or you are OUT.

In the game Simon Says, OUT means that you lost the game. In the business of DUPLICATING the MASTERS, OUT may mean that you may not be as successful as the masters with making their type of money or expanding your business as great as them.

The point that I am expressing is that DUPLICATING the MASTERS involves following every single task in their system, even the very small tasks that SEEM insignificant!



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Notice how I duplicated the word DUPLICATE.

Perfect practice makes perfect, when you perfectly duplicate the masters.

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Registration is only $15!
Get me registered at http://chicagoentrepreneur1016-com.eventbrite.com/
Even better, sign me up as an annual member so I get to attend all the general meetings for year and get some other members only goodies.