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Blast-Off Your Business with 87 Octane or ROCKET FUEL

How do you fuel your business?  If your business mimicked a rocket, would you fuel it with only 87-octane car fuel?  Or, would you use a high-grade rocket fuel to power the rocket?  Well, obviously, the rocket fuel would produce much greater results.  Similarly, what do you fuel your business with?  Your brain is the engine source that runs your business.  And, it requires optimal nutrition and knowledge as its fuel.  Therefore, what do you eat in order to fuel your brain?  Do you eat fast-food, junk food, diet food, or healthy nutritious food?


The key is to eat healthy nutritious foods to fuel your brain, which is the engine source of your business.  Eating fresh fruits and vegetables may provide greater nourishment than some processed foods.  Overall, remember to eat regularly scheduled healthy meals each day in order to obtain the nutrition that your brain requires.  And, some people find it helpful to supplement their diet with other products.  Visit www.receivinghealth.com to discover additional nutritional knowledge.


“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” – Hippocrates

Leveraging The Power of Social Media Marketing for SMBs – Part 2 of 6

On May 4, 2011 Davanti Digital Media hosted a seminar at the 13th Annual Staten Island Conference, held at the Hilton Garden Inn and presented by The Staten Island Economic Development Corporation (SIEDC). During the seminar, Justin Leshynski, Co-founder & Vice President of Davanti Digital Media presented "Big Business Results, Small Business Budget: Leveraging the Power of Social Media Marketing for Small to Mid-Size Businesses". Justin, also well-known as a New Media Speaker, Trainer and Consultant, touched on many important aspects of using Social Media in the small business space. Justing explained how and why SMBs can use social media for Marketing, Customer Service, Reputation Management, Market Research and more. Justin also shares social media cases studies and success stories, as well as some of the "DOs" and "DON'Ts" for businesses using social media. Next, special guest speaker, Christina "CK" Kerley presented "The Mobile Revolution--And What It Means for Today's Businesses". CK is one of the foremost experts on Mobile Marketing. CK shared on mobile marketing tools such as SMS Text campaigns, Location-Based Marketing, Geo-Fencing, QR Codes and more. She also touches on B2B social media and mobile marketing as well as the importance of businesses having a mobile website in today's market. CK says with 5 Billion worldwide subscriptions being mobile is not an option for today's businesses, big or small. This is Part 2 of 6 of the seminar which lasted approximately ...

Discover You And Power Surge – Easy How To Diy review by Joe Vitale

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Discover You And Power Surge - Easy How To Diy review by Joe Vitale
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Discover You And Power Surge - Easy How To Diy review by Joe Vitale

Letter to the editor: Facility generates power, reduces waste

Letter to the editor: Facility generates power, reduces waste
As we reflect on Earth Day (April 22), we also should consider how we can improve our environmental performance. At Covanta Southeastern Connecticut, we strive for continuous improvement and have a number of programs and design elements to contribute to our overall environmental performance.
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2011 Jackson-area high school school boys track preview
Capital Area Activities Conference Blue DivisionJackson...
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Emergency crews rescue contractor trapped waist-deep in Northland trench
Kansas City firefighters rescued a worker for a private contractor after a trench collapsed, trapping him from the waist down this morning. The worker was laying electrical lines in a three-tiered trench to a commercial area along Northeast 33rd Terrace just west of North Chouteau Trafficway, said Battalion Chief Joe Vitale.
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