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How to Increase Retail Sales 6 New Ideas Retail Store Marketing

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Restaurant Marketing: Joel Cohen, Restaurant Marketing guru, of www.RestaurantMarketing.com shows restaurants how to increase their sales through the art of "reciprocation." It's about Restaurant Marketing.

Retail Business Tips : Retail Business: Increasing Sales

Increasing retail sales depends on the field of retail, but includes good marketing, advertising and offering events for customer interaction. Increase retail sales with tips from a retail boutique owner in this free video series on small business. Expert: Michael Campbell Contact: www.doggiestylesonline.com Bio: Michael Campbell is the owner and founder of Doggie Styles, a dog boutique in Beverly Hills, Calif. Filmmaker: michael Wormser
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Increasing Sales Force Engagement: Why Congruence and Process Discipline Matter Research on employee commitment to organizational goals indicates that only 29% of employees are actively engaged. Maximizing the number of fully engaged employees is critical to successfully executing a growth strategy and establishing competitive advantage. Employee misalignment is difficult to understand and change because the root cause of an employees personal misalignment is as varied as human behavior. This webinar presents how the congruence of factors such as attitudes, beliefs, and values can impact engagement, and how implementing a sales process that addresses these dimensions while holding both sales professionals and their managers accountable for applying its principles can build a high performance sales organization, and lead to increased revenue and customer loyalty. To learn more about Executive Education programs, go to www.marshall.usc.edu/execed