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Tony Robbins sparks fire in MrFire Joe Vitale

JoeVitale.com What did I have to say right after hearing Tony Robbins speak? Why did I jump and down and scream? What did Peter Wink, one of my best friends, say? What was his experience of the Robbins' firewalk? Watch this clip of me (Joe Vitale, MrFire) and see...

(Austin, Texas) World's First Canine Concert. Live music for people and dogs with some music that only dogs can hear. Live music concert in downtown Austin Texas park Tuesday May 9, 2006. Over 100 people showed up to witness this live event filled with music by porterdavis, magic tricks by local magicians Kent Cummins and John Maverick, mermaids (living and stuffed) and the rise from the dead of master entertainer and businessman, PT Barnum. Multiple published author, Joe Vitale, promotes newest book, "There's a Customer Born Every Minute" which teaches how PT Barnum's business techniques are accessible and effective even in today's modern age. The event was performed in near 100 degree heat that surprised eveyone, including the dogs.

Just in Time to Help With New Year’s Resolutions – Tony Robbins Brings ‘Ultimate Edge’ to QVC

Just in Time to Help With New Year's Resolutions - Tony Robbins Brings 'Ultimate Edge' to QVC
Need help achieving your New Year's resolution?  Then tune in to QVC®  Friday, Jan. 14 and Saturday, Jan. 15, when leading peak performance coach, Tony Robbins, is scheduled to appear to offer his personal development product -- Ultimate Edgeâ¢.
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Be Careful Who You Turn to for Investing Advice
Today I?d like to re-visit a video that was published by world famous motivational speaker Ton
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Turner succeeds Robbins as Powell Valley football coach
BIG STONE GAP — After winning one of the greatest high school football games ever played in Southwest Virginia, Powell Valley coach Phil Robbins proclaimed Appalachia’s Travis Turner a “big-time quarterback” with zero irony intended.
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Lastest Tony Robbins News

Village Voice Chief Tony Ortega: Robbins Did Not 'Quit in Protest'
Back in the day, a protest at the Village Voice was a matter of newsroom shouting matches and picket signs. These days it's a little more nuanced. Is Tom Robbins leaving the Voice in "protest" as has been widely reported? Well... Voice  editor in chief Tony Ortega insists that initial reports that Tom Robbins' quit The Village Voice "in protest" of colleague Wayne Barrett's firing—like a New ...
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Tom Robbins On Why He Quit the Voice, And Journalism's Plight
AP Yesterday was a sad day for the once-illustrious Village Voice, which lost two of its legendary muckraking reporters , Wayne Barrett and Tom Robbins. Barrett, who has been with the paper since the Koch administration, says he was let go for budgetary reasons; he'll move on to become a fellow at The Nation Institute, a liberal nonprofit media group. And this morning Robbins, a dogged and ...
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Jason Alexander to Guest Star on Upcoming TNT Series "Franklin & Bash"
Stage and screen star Jason Alexander will make a guest appearance on the upcoming TNT series "Franklin & Bash," which will begin airing this summer, according to tvguide.com.
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