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Social Media Marketing with Facebook

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Online Exposure, Tracking Your Business, Creating A Sales Funnel

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Setting Up The Automatic Money Machine For Your Business

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How To Outsource Your Social Media Marketing

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MELISSA MACK SOCIAL media is tweeting around the globe, yet marketing experts are conflicted over whether it has any real clout for advertisers. UniSA's marketing science professor Byron Sharp claims the average tweet reaches just 12 people, while Hughes PR's digital media consultant Michelle Prak says the reach is into the thousands. Brands with successful campaigns such as Old Spice or Ford in the US have driven the hype surrounding social media. But Sharp repeats his reservations. "Just because successful companies are doing it does not make social media marketing effective," he says. "There are a few success stories but success stories always get a lot of attention, while the many more disappointing case studies are swept under the carpet. "There are plenty of social media marketing zealots, who say ridiculous things like TV advertising is dead." Sharp runs UniSA's Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science, which is researching the reach of social media. He describes social media as "just another fashion trend". "Marketing science tells us that brands need to reach all category buyers over and over. "This is what makes media like TV so valuable, it is vast and fast -- delivering a lot of reach quickly, at low cost per contact." But social media is highly fragmented making it impossible for a campaign to be guaranteed reach, Sharp says. "We just have to pray that we go viral. Few brands have more than one million Facebook fans globally." He says if marketers look ...
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Social media is the Internet: how online marketers must measure social media metrics

Lisa Buyer, president of the Buyer Group, interviews Mel Carson, Microsoft Advertising Community Manager, Microsoft Advertising on the subject of social media and the marketing mix at SES London, 2011. According to Mel, social media is the Internet. Mel says this is because the Internet is inherently social. Whether it's through search, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, forums, or any other social media platform, the Internet is inherently social. Mel says marketers should always consider a social veneer across all of their marketing and digital campaigns, because there is a social element inherent in any devise used, whether it is via mobile, TV, Web, including games, print and cinema. Mel also stresses the importance for marketers to optimize outside of event being marketed. Marketers should always be incorporating digital photography, for example, and blogging, tweeting, in order to share the significance of their campaign with those who might not have been able to attend the event. Mel also talks about brand interaction and measuring the effect of social media in order to gauge its effectiveness. Mel calls this social interaction versus the social impressions and it's the interactions that you're looking to grow. For example, every tweet, every video that gets viewed, etc...gets tracked and after reviewing all of the social media engagement, Mel says a marketer is able to know that a certain amount of people have interacted with their brand. This builds upon the experience ...

Social Circles

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Social Circles
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Social Circles

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