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The Secret To Achieving What You Want …. With Exceptional Results!

Yes, it is true!  YOU can achieve what you want.  Just make sure that you know that it IS a secret.  In many  cases, your mind may actually THINK that it is a secret, because many people do not achieve what they want.  And, even if they did get close to achieving it, the results that they produce are not anything to brag about.  This article will reveal to you a secret that is very powerful.  Just make sure that you do not tell anyone.  Simply apply this secret to your life, and as you produce exceptional results you will find that many people will ask you “What is your secret?”  Then, you may consider revealing parts of the secret.


The secret to achieving what you want and with exceptional results may be revealed in three simple words.  And, these three words must be achieved in the proper order.  These three words are FEEL, ACTION and PLAN.  If you took a business or MBA course, they would teach you a different concept, such as think, plan and action.  This concept may also work.  And, it may not achieve the exceptional results without the FEELING.  Business courses typically do not include FEELING as a part of the formula.  And, when you read about successful entrepreneurs, such as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Sam Walton, you will observed that they would FEEL so passionately about their businesses that no challenge could deter or sabotage their commitment to succeed.  So, now that you want to tap into the success of these super successful entrepreneurs, continue to inquire about the concept of FEEL, ACTION and PLAN.


The first concept is to FEEL.  This concept of FEEL involves a deep and passionate belief in your idea or business.  It is not about simply going through the motions of running a business.  And, it is not about money, which is a by-product or measure of your success.  FEEL involves a ferocious and relentless commitment to SUCCEED with your business.  With this belief, no one can speak anything to get you to quit or get off course in your business.  For example, many times family and friends would typically oppose your idea to the point of you quitting.  The FEELING is the only thing that would keep you going.  Without a deep FEELING, life challenges would get you off course or cause a significant delay in your success.  Know that life challenges WILL occur, guaranteed.  The question is WHEN will they occur.  For example, someone in you family will get sick, or your day job will demand more of your time, etc.  And, similar to an Olympic champion in training, the concept of FEEL will allow you to continue moving forward with your business each day, even on holidays, stormy days, sick days, depression days, celebration days, etc.  Yes, a champion marathon runner would continue to proceed forward with running even when it is stormy outside.  This concept of FEEL will allow you to continue taking actions even through life storms.


Concept number two is to now take massive ACTION.  No matter how you analyze it, slice it or logically think about it, wealth does not occur unless you take massive action now.  There is no magic wand, no magic dust and no get rich quick schemes that will achieve the exceptional, long-term results that you want.  It simply takes YOUR massive ACTION to achieve what your want.  For example, when a rocket blasts off, it would consume 80% of its fuel.  Similar, when you are getting started with your business, it will consume 80% of you.  Once you achieve momentum, never take a break.  It will become tempting to take a break after much success.  And, it is better to continue moving forward with making a habit of your success actions.  Also, take note of the letter “T” in the word ACTION.  It stands for TIMING.  ACTION plus TIMING equals powerful results.  In summary, ACTIONS are meaningless without a time target.  Always, target and achieve specific timing for your ACTIONS and RESULTS.  Do not become so concerned about “getting it right” that it stops you.  Focusing on perfection could sabotage one’s business to the point that no action is taken.  Remember that “no action” means “no results.”  The key is to always take ACTION with TIMING, and RESULTS will occur.


Now you are ready to PLAN.  As mentioned above, the FEELING and MASSIVE ACTIONS would create a level of momentum with your business.  The next step is to develop a business plan to lead your company to the next level of success.  Always include timing with your plan.  A plan is not a plan without timing.  Make plans that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound (S.M.A.R.T).  Measure the success that you achieve and know where most of your revenue comes from.  Find your success niche, and develop your Unique Selling Point.  Know past trends and future trends of your business market.  And, know who your competitors are, what they are doing and what they are not doing.  Ultimately, PLAN to be exceptional and go beyond so that your clients are fully served and satisfied.  Plan to stay focused on what your clients want, rather than focusing on yourself.


This formula of FEEL, ACTION and PLAN could be the Secret To Achieving What You Want and With Exceptional Results.  The key is for YOU to implement it and follow it precisely.  Choose a business idea that you FEEL deeply passionate about and fully believe in.  Then, take immediate and massive ACTION with timing considered.  Finally, PLAN to be exceptional by developing S.M.A.R.T goals that always have timing factored in.  Follow your plan of success, and stay within your timeline.